Transylvania Angels Network

Startups selected for Startup Spotlight Online 2020

Transylvania Angels Network contributes to the prize of this year’s Startup Spotlight program organised by How to Web conference.

Launched in 2011, the Startup Spotlight program was held annually at the How to Web conference. This year’s move to the online environment of the program will increase the value of the experience of the 40 participating startups, which now have two months to schedule private meetings with over 70 experts and investors from the program.

This year, the selected startups are from Romania, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The 40 startups are Acertivo, Agora Robotics, Alkubot, ATLAS,, Breed XY, CardioMedive, Cartloop,, CorrectNetworks, Cyscale, Ecotree, Forefront Supply Chain, GoTeleport, Hedge Lab, IziBac, Jeff App, LEDD, Licenseware, matchpoint., Medicai,  OGOR, Oraroo, Parking Spotter, Plant an App, Pluria, PriceFlux, Rungutan, SanoPass, Scan & Eggs, SensiX, Sharewell, StartGDPR, SWIP.WORK, Tailent,, TokWise,, VOXI KIDS, Webcube.

Startup Spotlight is the most popular competition from Romania for early stage startups. This year, the online program starts on October 5 and ends on December 4 with a private pitching event in which a jury of experts and investors will choose the best startup of the program that will receive an investment prize worth €225,000.

The award is syndicated by a group of local investors: Seedblink equity crowdfunding platform, TechAngels Romania angel investors network, Gapminder Venture Partners investment fund, Simple Capital private investment vehicle and us, Transylvania Angels Network investors network. The amount is offered as a contribution to a future investment in the startup, in the form of a convertible note.

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