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Cluj based startup, TULLY, wins the EIT Health InnoStars Awards 2021!

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After 4 months of mentorship, trainings and two bootcamps, a number of 10 startups competed with each other in the grand finale of EIT Health InnoStars Awards 2021.

TULLY, a startup that created a wearable device that monitors physiological indicators to help children learn how to control themselves and cope with emotional flares and diminished attention problems, won the big prize of 25.000 euro.

“We’re really happy to get this confirmation that we’re on the right track. We have been working on TULLY for several years now, and this year has been quite eventful. Besides the InnoStars Awards we participated in several programs aimed at AI/ML implementation (BOWI and Techstars Advancing AI) and on improving the social impact (Innovators for Children). We managed during 2021 to develop the final, commercial version of our device, with improved processing and communication features and machine learning-based algorithm and ran a technology validation experiment on it, working with 20 children and several psychologists. We are also in course of finalizing the preparations for a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that will be launched by the end the year.” said Marius co-founder and CEO of Tully.

TULLY’s device warns the wearer when an emotional rash is about to happen. The bracelets sensors monitors the level of agitation and stress of the wearer and through several relaxation exercises, the TULLY device can guide the wearer to return to a calm state. Also the bracelet is  improving the therapist’s visibility on his patient emotional evolution and therapy efficiency.

Creating a full range of automated psychological support for sensory integration disorders, (conditions like depression, anxiety, autism or ADHD) is the ultimate vision of the startup.

“I’m very happy for Marius, Adina and the entire Tully team! This award is recognition of their innovative product for helping children, parents and their doctors. As part of the investment team I have been humbled by the perseverance and drive exhibited by this team. For several years now they have shown a strong sense of their mission and remain focused on achieving success for the sake of their clients” said Emmett King, investor in Tully and cofounder of Transylvania Angels Network.

The aim of the EIT Health InnoStars Awards program is to support start-ups from progressing EU regions and help them speed up the time-to-market of their product or service. They work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to shorten the time-to-market for life-changing products and services. Their Accelerator catalyses new business growth to deliver transformative products and services. 

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