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T.A.N. is a spin-off brand of Cluj Startups, a non-profit organisation formed in 2012 with the aim to support the growth of the local startup ecosystem.

T.A.N. is not an investment fund, but it has the role to facilitate connections and investments; each member decides individually their participation in any funding round.

Startups need access to both funding and mentoring. Investors need to learn which startups are worth investing their time and money. Transylvania Angels Network fulfills these important needs for both parties.

Transylvania Angels Network
has the aim to:

Connect angel investors with startups, for funding and business support

Educate business people into angel investing and startup mentoring

Provide multiple business opportunities for the members of the network

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Why join?

You will be part of our network with the following benefits:

Informing on the startup ecosystem

Startup scouting and monitoring

Networking and connections

Education on startup investment topics

Discounts on SPV carry fees

Support in startup investment process

Informing on the startup ecosystem

Startup scouting and monitoring

Networking and connections

Education on startup investment topics

Discounts on SPV carry fees

Support in startup investment process

T.A.N. in numbers

Members in the network
Investments facilitated
1.3 M €
In total

T.A.N. Investments

Our members contributed with financial investment in the following startups
Licenseware_T.A.N. investment 2022
voxa logo _ T.A.N. investment 2022

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Either if you want to get in touch for pitching to T.A.N. members, or to join yourself as a member please fill in the form. We’ll have a discussion with each individual or team to establish together the next steps. 

Wondering what do we expect from you if you are a startup? Check out our expectations below

FAQ for startups and members

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has their own “investment filter” and nobody is obligated to invest in a startup if they don’t see it as an opportunity.

Usually the investment ticket is around 2500 to 5000 euro. In some cases, if the startup has good traction, the investment ticket can be larger than that.

There is too little space to fill in the answer 🙂 We believe that the community is the strongest asset of Transylvania Angels Network. It’s always much better to invest in a startup along with experienced investors, lawyers and other angel investors that can see “the business perspective”.  When you have a group of people that have already started to invest, then it’s wiser to listen to what questions they ask the founder, what insights they share and where do they look when they want to invest.

We have an annual fee of 1.500 RON which we believe is little compared with the value. Our focus is more on growing the community than on monetizing

We facilitated a number of 14 investments with a total sum in excess of 1.3 million euro.

If the members are aligned, then this can be taken into consideration. Until now, a few of the startups we have invested in use blockchain technologies and no crypto as of yet.

We do not have a list of “no invest industries”. The investments made so far were in a variety of domains and were made based on members’ interest in a specific industry / domain / market.

We focus on the startups that are located in Romania and help the Romanian startup ecosystem to develop. But we won’t exclude potential startups, with interesting solutions and good traction, from other countries.

T.A.N., the organization, is never a lead investor; this is a role for one or more of our members. In addition, we are very comfortable if one of our members is not the lead of an investment and is only a part of a syndicate led by other investors.

After the startup is pitching, the investors must complete a form to express their interest and propose any additional questions they may have. After that, there will be a meeting with the founders and the interested investors. Here the founders will discuss in detail various aspects  of the business and the product or service, along with the financials  while answering all our questions. In the end the investors will express how much they would like to invest and we’ll start the syndication process that includes the due diligence and legal procedures. The whole process is unique to each investment and can take from 6-8 weeks up to 3 – 6 months; depending on the circumstances.

Yes, we do. We have strong collaborations with other Romanian angel networks and venture funds.

Yes, we work to stay in touch with them either alone or through ClujStartups.

Glad you asked. In this doc you will find what we expect from your documents when you apply as a startup and also insightful information regarding the communication process with T.A.N.

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