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Welcome to the Epicenter of Angel Investing in Transylvania

From the capital of Transylvania and throughout Romania we are working together with all of the ecosystem supporters to raise entrepreneurship skills and angel investment knowledge.

Our approach and process

Transylvania Angels Network is your gateway to the thriving world of angel investing and business innovation. Our approach, centered on learning to spread risk and maximize returns, assists members to begin their investment journey and growing their portfolio of startup investments.


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The 4 pillars of value

Startup Ecosystem Expertise

Stay informed and gain a competitive edge with our insights into the latest opportunities, events, and programs shaping the startup landscape in Romania.

Scouting and Monitoring

We are member’s eyes and ears in the startup ecosystem. We meticulously scout and monitor promising ventures, ensuring you have access to the best opportunities.

Network Expansion

Grow your connections within our vibrant community of like-minded investors, entrepreneurs, and business people, opening doors to potential lucrative collaborations and opportunities.

Investment Education

Our educational resources and practical experience help you to arm yourself with the knowledge and skills needed for successful angel investments.

How we collaborate with startups

Pitch and Analysis: We begin by carefully examining your pitch deck and business model. If your vision aligns with our interests, you are invited to pitch to our members.

Dedication: One dedicated member from our network takes the lead in communicating with you and facilitating the raise from T.A.N.

Network Expansion: Through our extensive network, we connect you with potential investors, collaborators, mentors, and partners, amplifying your growth potential.

Transylvania Angels Network is more than just an investment source; we’re your launchpad to success. Let’s embark on this important journey together.

Startup Scenarios


product not launched, no revenue, but experienced or knowledgeable founders, with startup valuation under €1M and raising a round of €50 to €100K


product launched, revenue existing, experienced founders with valuation around €1M-€2M and raising a round of up to €150K-€300K


solid team, stable product and good revenue growth, valuation over €2M and raising a round of €300K up to €1M

Join our meetups

Our meetups are scheduled on a monthly basis and are hybrid, accommodating both online and offline gatherings in Cluj. These exclusive events convene founders, investors, and esteemed guests within our network. Each meetup features presentations from 3 to 4 promising startups, Q&A time, and then member discussions without the startups expressing interest or not in learning more about them. Afterward, we always enjoy a dedicated networking session.

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