Transylvania Angels Network

OperationS manager for T.A.N.  

As the volume of work grew a lot in the past 6 months on all levels (business members, startup discussions) we thought about hiring a person part-time who can take a part of the work load. Please read below the details about T.A.N. and job description and apply by filling in the form.


– connect angel investors with startups, for funding and business support 

– educate business people into angel investing and startup mentoring 

– provide business opportunities for the members of the network 

T.A.N. is a spin-off project from Cluj Startups, a non-profit organisation formed in 2012 with the aim to support the growth of the local startup ecosystem. 

T.A.N. in numbers

– has 45 members (business people and angel investors)

– organised 22 meetups with 30+ participants on average 

– 45 startups presented for investment in the meetups

– 9 investments done in 2020 valued at almost ~400K euro

job description

What we expected from the Operations Manager 

– part-time role (4H / DAY) with full time potential after a while

– very organised and focused to keep things in order

– passionate about investments and venture capital, willing to learn

– being able to keep track of discussions, leads, investors

– looking for longer term development and potential career in this field (startup investments)

– very professional in English communication

– being present in Cluj most of the time (as we will come back to offline meetups)


Process of working with us

– the Operations Manager will be involved in the activities, organising tasks, keeping track of them together with the board of T.A.N.  (see the last paragraph). 


– the tasks are implemented together with the board members, the activities below are not executed alone by the operations manager, but together with the board


– the organising processes, steps, email templates are all ready and tested and implemented already, working fine (they can be improved in the future)

Responsibilities related to membership

– coordinate promotion for new members

– press releases and appearances in media

– on-boarding of a new member

– keep track of members lists / status

– organise private events calls for members

Responsibilities for scouting and filtering startups

– identify new startups of interest

– filter the startups which are fitting

– communication with startups

– keep track of startup discussions

– organize pitch calls for startups to members

Responsibilities in investments and syndicates

– keep track of interested members to invest

– support syndicating process and SPV formation

– keep all SPV documents in order / folder

– coordinate update calls / emails from investors

Others responsibilities

– think about educational topics / resources

– organize educational info sessions or emails

– inform members about various opportunities (meetups, conferences, connections, programs)

Advantages and extra benefits

– extend professional network massively

– develop startup analytical skills / evaluation skills

– become an investor, possibility to involve into details

– learn a lot about the Romanian startup ecosystem

– understand and practice investment process and venture capital related topics

– the board members will coach that person to develop in the role and grow

You will work, learn, grow, suffer and become a friend, together with

Mircea Vadan (startup ecosystems, acceleration programs and angel investments)

Emmett King (american flavour of business and lifetime learnings)

Florin Pop (professional angel investor and experienced in stock trading)

Denisa Lazurca (organised, good cat herder and facilitator)

Calin Sipos (president of Cluj Startups, connecting the dots)